Meet The Team:

President / CEO

Sean Bridges

Sean is the founder & CEO of B2-e. His entire career has been dedicated to the information systems & technology field. His 20+ years career experience includes: Information Systems & Technology/Direct Sales, Information Systems & Technology/Programming, Information Systems & Technology/Technical Support and Information Systems & Technology/ Field Installation and Training. 

Specialties: Include: relationship building, wide range of technical skills and knowledge, business development and technical solution sales. He considers himself as a life long learner and a life long teacher. 

Q & A

What are your top three business books and why?

  1. Automic Habits by James Clear
  2. Originals by Adam Grant
  3. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

I chose these three books because they are designed to help change typical worldviews for the better.

What are your strategies for consistently setting and reaching business goals?

My strategies for consistently setting and reaching business goals, is to fall in love with the process of achieving the business goals. If you don’t love the process, your goal will become difficult at best, which can lead to giving up or process break-down. Either way success or failure begins, or ends, with how we feel about the processes we have in place. 

How do you think about goal-setting for yourself and your company?

I believe goal-setting is a great second step to forming small habits regularly for yourself and your company.

What are your favorite strategies for motivating your employees?

My favorite strategy for motivating employees is to lead by example and show them that you truly care about them as individuals first and foremost before work.